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                獵聘他這是在逼迫著自己躲避啊溫馨提示:用人單位發布虛①假招聘廣告信息,或者以各種名義向是啊求職者收取費用( 如培訓費、 體檢費、 資料費、 置裝費、 押金等),均屬於違法行為,一經發現,請立即 舉報

                Senior Purchasing Officer_6 Months Contractor


                12-18萬 72小時反饋


                統招本科 3年以上 語言不限 年齡不限
                Senior Purchasing Officer_6 Months Contractor VOLKSWAGEN

                12-18萬 管理規範 500強 領導好

                我感興趣 請聯系我
                • 管理規範
                • 500強
                • 領導好
                • 公司♂規模大


                Position: Senior Purchasing Officer_6 Months Contractor

                Division/Department: Purchasing/Purchasing Process, Academy & RSO

                Location: Beijing

                Main goals and objectives:

                ? Mission of the position is to ensure full regional function of all VW Group Brands and Regions’ inquiry and export issue for commodities (Electric, Interior, Metal, Powertrain and Exterior), which is measured by Group Standard KPIs.

                ? Furthermore, the position watches and reports systematically the supplier development and innovation trend on Chinese market by continuously scouting and identifying new suppliers.

                Your Responsibilities:

                Inquiry Management

                ? Active controlling export program of each commodity

                ? Creation business plans and roadmaps

                ? Identification and processing export sourcing

                ? Continuous and active working on relevant sourcing (STAR)

                ? Evaluation potential inquiries

                ? Selecting potential suppliers

                ? Continuously communication with suppliers (support to answer supplier question about technical documents & VW Group requirements, open point, time schedule, quantity, problems, On boarding process etc.)

                ? Evaluation of offers

                ? Negotiations with local suppliers with the goal of focusing on reducing material costs for VW Group


                ? Coordination and consultation for commitments (e.g. Nomination, Goods Flow and new suppliers ready for nomination) of each commodity

                ? Continuously controlling the implementation of the commitments Negotiations with local suppliers with the goal of focusing on reducing material costs for VW Group

                Coordination and support all Purchasing interest of each commodity:

                ? Continuously coordination and communication with Purchasing organization of VW Group Brands & Regions

                ? Participate in relevant meetings and committees of each commodity

                ? Ensuring, tracking and archiving of all Export Purchasing relevant documents & data (nomination letter, REC sheets, offers etc.)

                ? Support capacity and change managements (AEAs, AEKOs) by negotiations with local suppliersTask

                Continuously alignment and collaboration with other departments: KTM, Quality, Technology, Logistic, Audi China and VGC

                ? Support for production readiness process with special focusing on procurement topics and realizing goods flow

                ? Involving in audit process: coordinate and participate in TE and QA audits, supporting suppliers in process (communication, clarification of VW Group requirements)

                ? Arrange supplier presentation for related departments about technical concepts, improvement measures, project status etc.


                ? Work out export strategies for focused material group & suppliers in terms of proactive presentations in VW Group Brands & Regions

                ? Strategy meetings with potential suppliers and focus suppliers


                ? Work out analysis (potential analysis, benchmark analysis, supplier product portfolio analysis, JVs’ synergy analysis etc.)

                ? Deviate analysis result as basic of strategy setting, in order to identify new export potential


                ? Identify new suppliers to enlarge the bidders list and to manage supplier portfolio, in order to reach continoues material cost reduction

                ? Establish access to suppliers’ innovation, conduct trend scouting in Chinese supplier market and contribute to VGC Purchasing innovation management on project base. Coordinate innovation scouting and introduce innovations from China to VW Group Brands & Regions.

                Our Requirements:

                Necessary education:

                ? University degree of Master or above

                Working experience (in years):

                ? As a buyer in automobile industry at least 3 years

                ? Methodical approach with a passion for detail without losing the bigger companywide perspective

                ? Team player, articulate with good communication skills in multinational environment

                ? Logical approach to solving problem

                ? Engagement and initiative

                ? Be tough and confident to work under pressure

                ? Target oriented work attitude with willingness to learn and taking responsibility

                ? Experience in Purchasing and/or Project Management is a plus

                ? Strong language skills of English and Chinese, German language is a plus

                ? PC skills, specifically Microsoft Office software package

                ? Knowledge regarding Supplier Quality Management (process audit VDA6.3)

                What we offer:

                ? Strong brands, excellent products and image

                ? Performance oriented competitive compensation & benefits package

                ? Professional career development & qualification

                ? Good management, team work, open communication & feedback

                ? International working environment & global network

                ? Attractive work, health programs & work-life balance

                Join us and become a part of the Volkswagen Family - We are looking forward to welcome you on board!





                登錄 查看職位競爭力分析


                • 所屬部門:
                • 專業要求:
                • 匯報對象:
                • 下屬人數:


                - 加入我們,你將與汽車行業內頂尖的精英們成為同事;
                - 加入我們,你將有機會感受12個成◎功品牌的不同文化;
                - 加入我們,與大眾汽車在這個充滿機遇與行動中喪生了挑戰的新紀元共創輝不想見任何人煌。



                • 行業:汽車/摩托車
                • 公司規模:5000-10000人
                • 公司地址:朝陽區西六眼前街甲3號院
                • 註冊時間:1999年02月
                • 註冊資本:87378.02萬人ぷ民幣元
                • 經營期限:1999年02月04日-2049年02月03日
                • 經營範圍:一)在國家允許外商投資的領域依法走出了房間進行投資;(二)受其所投資企╱業的書面委托(經董事會一致通過),向其所投不資企業提供下列服務:1、協助或代理其所投資的企業從國內外采購該企業自用的機器哼設備、辦公∩設備和生產所需的原材料、元器件、零部件和在國內外市場以經銷的方式銷售其所投資企業生產的人不見了產品(整車除外),並提供售後服務;2、在外匯管但是偏偏一廂情願理部門的同意和監督下,在其所投資企業之間平@ 衡外匯;3、為其所投資企業提供產品生產、銷『售和市場開...



                王女士 / Officer, HR Support